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Looking for a simple way to protect your business, expand your technology ,  extend your reach and maximize your profits?  Cytel can help, with our Read-to-go-Services (RtgS) we can help you grow in today’s technology while in most cases reducing your IT costs.  RtgS is more than a product line, it’s a product mentality.

Cost-effective products provide you with the ability to due business on the move knowing your systems are protected and competitive in today’s IT market.  RtgS materials are specifically aimed at helping you capitalize on cutting-edge technologies in a trouble free format.  RtgS includes simple conveniences as E-mail or Website hosting, SPAM and Anti-virus protection and Desktop Faxing. To the more complicated services such as Disaster Prevention and Hosting (DPaH), True MITS which includes our Server OS Event Monitoring (OSEM). Finally, with our CL-1000 Explorer we able to extend remote support to the end users desktop saving you time and money.

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Cytel has recently developed a unique suite of services geared around helping companies to be better communicators. Our new products were built with the vision of helping companies control their communication abilities.  A single point for Faxing services, E-mail services and voicemail. 

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Available in several formats Hosted or Site based.

So again, come on in and review our products and inquire about what Cytel can do for you.


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