May 25, 2015 at 08:16 PM
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In addition to our product line Cytel is a full service Consulting firm, Internet Service Provider and Application Service Provider.  What makes Cytel different from most is our attitude toward SMB market.  We’ve seen first hand how most SMB(s) get treated by small (one or two man) technology companies that takes advantage of smaller businesses who many not know a lot about computers, servers and networks.  Cytel is pledged to helping you out of a tight spot.  If you feel like you’re not being treated fair, or if you simply don’t know if your technology partner is really caring for your systems, please contact us.  You have a choice who you do business with and you should know that there are technology partner firms like Cytel that genuinely care about your IT needs.  We want to hear from you, please review our services and call us, we know that in 905 of the situations, we can improve your technology support over your current provider – BUT you have to give us a chance.


If we can not improve your current technology support then you’ll at least have piece of mind knowing that you have a good technology partner and that your systems are in fact covered as they need to be.


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